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on letter or proof of funds.... then that is required. It is up to the seller.


Mike Franklin is a Licensed Real Estate Broker and Internet marketing specialist for unique Upstate New York properties. He has more than twenty years experience as an Information Technology professional in support of the real estate industry. He also has more than 16 years experience marketing unique properties. Mike worked for more than five years as a unique property specialist with Sotheby's International Realty. He now runs his own Real Estate Brokerage firm Franklin Ruttan which specializes in unique properties and includes historicals and waterfront. Mike utilizes his computer and Internet skills to present and promote unique upstate properties in detail through the Internet to Down-state, out-of-state and international buyers. Mike leverages national and international media and venues to fuel social media and pool traffic to his detailed property presentations. He supplements those venues with custom marketing tailored specifically to the property. Mike's properties have been featured in most major media including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Architectural Digest, Bloomberg Business Week, Time, Forbes, Fortune, Yahoo Finance and foreign media, etc. He believes unique properties require their own Internet identity and that they should not be merely listed in a database obscured by thousands of other traditional listings.




Mike also represents property owners in assessment challenges. See his website at www.ThePropertyTaxGuy.com


Michael R. Franklin
Licensed Real Estate Broker
Franklin Ruttan
1406 North State Street
Syracuse, NY 13208
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Traditional Real Estate venues and techniques are based on search. If your buyer doesn't know to search on your town or zip code they are unlikely to find your property. More needs to be done than simply listing the property in the MLS and broker sites.

Unique properties should be marketed, not simply listed, and Franklin Ruttan strives to supplement traditional methods with effort and technique consistent with the magnitude of the property.

Franklin Ruttan exclusively lists properties, but also co-lists properties with brokers all over upstate New York to assist traditional brokers with the marketing of their unique listings to out of area buyers.

Traditional Realtors rely on a sign and the MLS for 90% of their marketing effort and sales in my experience. They also typically spend less than 1/10th of 1% on direct advertisement. The typical MLS agent plugs a sign in the front yard, posts amateur photos to the MLS and prays the phone rings. That isn't marketing. That is listing.

Franklin Ruttan supplements the traditional methods with direct advertising. Mike estimates his ratio is 10% MLS and sign and 90% direct marketing and media. This is particularly important when the appeal to the property is more than just local and the buyer may be down state or out of state and is more interested in the property and may not be familiar with the location. The majority of properties sold by Franklin Ruttan are to buyers who were not familiar with the town prior to being introduced to the property by Franklin Ruttan. Proper marketing budgets are 1% to 2% of realistic sales price which is ten to twenty times that which traditional and even top luxury brokers spend.

The era of the traditional Realtor are over as it pertains to unique properties. Technology has rendered the antiquated MLS model obsolete. It is redundant. It has become commoditized. The exclusivity the MLS enjoyed thru their monopolistic control they exerted for years has now been minimalized by DOJ rules that require the data they controlled be opened up.

The MLS will continue their control over conventional properties such as development homes but it is no longer relevant to unique properties. Even so their control has been minimized by flat fee listings. The MLS is a localized system and it is based on search. And if a buyer isn't familiar with the location they'll not find it, because the MLSs are localized (36 in New York) A local MLS has minimal down-state or out-of-state reach.

Unique property buyers can not wait for buyers to find them. They need to reach out and make potential buyers aware of their unique property. They must make their property stand out over the noise of the market. They can not have their property obscured by thousands of others.

Unique property sellers find that when listing with top luxury brokers their property is mixed in and is required to compete with the rest of that brokers listings. These brokers use the sellers property as bait to secure buyers agency. Sellers of unique properties need someone to represent their interest. They need a custom marketing not a listing.


Traditional Luxury listing techniques work in Palm Beach and the Hamptons...................... but Upstate New York is not Palm Beach.

The MLS is just another venue. One of dozens necessary to expose a unique property properly.

Your unique property deserves a marketing of a similar magnitude to the elaborate nature of the property. A listing is simply inadequate.


Deal directly with the marketing broker not just a listing Salesperson.


Michael R. Franklin
Licensed NYS Real Estate Broker
Unique Property Specialist
Franklin Ruttan
1406 North State Street
Syracuse, NY 13208
(315) 876-2262




Policies: New York State Department of State requires brokers to post policies on their websites. Apparently they've had brokers claiming policies which are discriminatory. Be assured that doesnt happen in this brokerage. My policy is that I have no policies. Specifically they request policies regrding the requirement of exclusive representation. I have no such policy. But there woud be very rare occurances that I would not require one. It has happened however. They request a policy regarding requirement of identification. I have no such policy. But it is a good idea. DOS requests policy regarding qualification. This is on a case by case basis. If a seller requires prequalification, then that is what I require.
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